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Wanted to send you updated pictures of our precious girl, Hope. Thank you!!



Well, his full name is "Henry V, King of Hiltonia," but we, his loyal subjects call him "Harry." He picked us out in December (when he was still "Aspen") and just had his 8-month birthday. He is a star wherever he goes -- the dog park, puppy class, the vet, the groomer. He is playful and friendly to humans, dogs, deer, geese, turtles -- he loves everyone. I attribute this to the wonderful start in life he got with Melvin and Susie and their kids. It's clear this little boy has known love and affection since he was born. They really take wonderful care of these little characters -- and believe me, if you want a Corgi, know that they ARE characters!! This guy has me laughing out loud at least five times a day. He's healthy and happy and enjoying learning all he can about the world around him. He is such a great member of our family.



We picked up our sweet Calvin a week ago and he is truly the cutest. The process with Melvin and Treasured Paws could not have gone more smoothly. He was quick to return a call and answered every question we had. Calvin is adjusting well to a new home and loves to spend time outside playing with his toys. I would recommend them to everyone looking for a puppy.

Little Noa


I got little Noa two days ago, and she is adorable. She is beautiful and is starting to get comfy in our home. She has been adjusting well, and has barely cried. She is also very healthy. I am starting to see her little personality come through. She also loves the AC, she loves sleeping in front of it and NYC is a huge adjustment for sure. She is doing so so well.



We got Sundae this morning, she’s adorable and we are all in love! Thanks so much again



We wanted to leave an update of our little Teacup Bernese we got from you guys! He is THE sweetest soul we have ever met, he absolutely adores every human and pet he meets. We’ve been able to take him everywhere and he does so well. We can’t thank your family enough for such a healthy and sweet puppy, he’s so loved and spoiled!



After my mother passed away in October, I was longing for a 4-legged furry friend to fill the void. I contacted 3 different breeders of Toy Poodles, looking specifically for a red one. I found Melvin Fischer, only 40 minutes from my home. I cannot say enough about Melvin and how thorough he is breeding and caring for the pups. He genuinely loves what he does and enjoys getting to know his puppies future parents/home. Shiloh is perfect in every way. Smart, quick to house train-did crate training, not doggy pads- loves to cuddle and so playful with me and my son’s schnoodle. Shiloh and I will be visiting Melvin and his Mom, Charm very soon as he turns one year old in August. Best of luck to anyone who chooses a pup from Charm’s litter and under the loving care of Melvin and his family.

We love Arlo!


We have had Arlo for 24 hours and can already tell he is a very special dog. Treasures Paws was incredible to work with. From a quick response time to requests to making sure that Arlo’s transition to our home was funny supported by the best kind of puppy food and probiotics for a nervous tummy. We just had a 5 star experience. We highly recommend Treasure Paws for families with little kids too. This dog was make for kids!

Fantastic dog and experience


Melvin and his family do a wonderful job raising the dogs. You can tell they truly care about the well being of the animals and makes sure they find a good home. They let us take all the time we needed to decide which puppy to bring home and matched with us. I can't say enough how wonderful our little boy Bernese is! We are overjoyed with Monty and look forward to a beautiful life together. I highly, highly recommend Mr. Fisher and his family, loving and caring breeders! Thank you!



We just got Billie (previously named Smores) two days ago and we are absolutely in love. First off, we want to thank Melvin for working with us so well and giving us all the information we needed to make this puppy ours❤️ he helped us set up transporting Billie to our home 6 hours away (big thanks to Jane Wells too for transporting) and communicated well and made us feel comfortable through this whole process. With this being our first time buying a puppy, I wanted someone who I felt like we could trust and Melvin was definitely the one. Secondly, Billie is the absolute perfect puppy we could have ever asked for. It was scary not being able to see him before we bought him and we just had to go off of pictures, but pictures were enough for us to know he was the one❤️ he is a 5 lb ball of fluff that loves to play, snuggle, and always is by your side. He warmed up to us instantly and doesn’t know a stranger! Lastly, I highly recommend Treasured Paws to anyone questioning getting a puppy, especially a Teacup Bernese! This whole experience has been amazing! Now enjoy some pictures of sweet Billie boy ❤️



Rubble (previously Sunny) a teacup Bernese all of 3lbs that we were so blessed to bring home from Melvin’s most recent litter. We cannot say enough great things about the entire experience. The amount of time, patience and genuine care that Melvin and his family had with us while we went back and fourth deciding between two puppies in the litter was SO appreciated. Their children played a huge role in preparing Rubble for our family with our own two young daughters. Rubble came home and instantly was bonded with our daughters thanks to the Fisher family!! And Rubble is so incredibly dog friendly due to the socialization he received while in their care. He loves our other dogs and our cats, he’s the sweetest, happiest puppy that we’ve ever brought home before. The entire experience felt like a gift! We would recommend Treasured Paws Puppies to absolutely anyone, near or far, that is lucky enough to consider one of their precious puppies.



Cash is very much settled in to his new home. He is such an amazing puppy! He is truly potty trained and as been the sweetest companion. Thank you sooooo much!!!




He is a very good boy already! Very intelligent.

Cora AKA Stella





Melvin, thank you very much. Archer had a great time today. You've done a great job.



Good morning! We adopted Karson (now known as Dobby) from you this past summer and just wanted to reach out with some photos. Dobby is the most wonderful puppy, he has a loving and energetic personality. Dobby loves little kids and ALL other dogs! He is the most friendly pup and is quite famous in his new apartment building. Dobby loves going on hikes and is very skilled in getting dirty. He is a magnet for mud. Dobby has a great nose and often tracks down deer and other animals in the woods, although he has not yet understood he cannot play with the deer 😂 He is a healthy 30 pounds and just saw the vet today. We are so grateful to you for bringing Dobby into our lives. He makes us smile every single day! 


Our baby Milo!


We stumbled upon our sweet boy over the internet and immediately fell in love with him. I contacted Melvin immediately because we wanted to adopt Milo and bring him home. We live all the way in California!! The process was nothing short of amazing. Melvin truly showed us how much he cares for each pup individually, called to introduce himself, inform us of everything, was always transparent and kind. We are so grateful!!!

Amazing Puppies!


We lost our beloved Annie in 2010. My husband was hesitant to get another dog because none could ever live up to her. Well, after researching for months about a breed that would be calm and cuddly, I came across Melvin and Susie Fisher. After speaking with Melvin, I was confident we finally found a pup that could live up to our hopes. After looking deep into the eyes of our pups, we decided to adopt both Mazie and Levi. They have been nothing short of amazing since the day they came home. In fact, our neighbors liked them so much, they went to get their siblings. Cocoa lives across the street and Harper lives with his co-worker. Every night Levi goes to the front window to wish Cocoa a good night. They love playing together. They even all celebrated their birthdays with the Puppy Ice Cream Truck. They get along great with our cats. The Fisher children socialized our pups and did a terrific job. When we arrived to pick them up, we were greeted with lovely young ladies holding them in cute blankets who said “we hope you will enjoy your new puppies”. It was clear they took pride in their socializing efforts. I would highly recommend Melvin Fisher and family to provide your next puppy. We adore our pupsters and hope others will come to know the joy we experience daily from our pups!!!

Thank you


Thank you!

Thank you


What a wonderful experience dealing with Melvin.  He was so accommodating since my husband drove down from Massachusetts and wasn’t sure exactly what time he would arrive.
From day one, our dog Cocoa was the sweetest most mild mannered dog. He is so playful and also loves to snuggle. He is great with our kids and has brought much joy to our family.  My 6 year old taught him how to fetch on her own and they can play together for hours.  You could tell he was so well cared for when we got him. Friends that have met Cocoa are so impressed because he is such a sweet dog.  I would recommend Melvin and family to anyone looking for a great dog to add to your family.



I dont know if you remember us but we adopted Amelia(now Maya which means love in our language) from you two years ago! I wanted to share some pictures of her with you. She has been the most amazing addition to our family and she is truly loved! She turned out so beautiful too!  I also wanted to reach out to you to ask if you have any bernedoodle puppies currently or will in the future so we can adopt a little brother or sister for Maya. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and have a Happy New Year! 


Could not be Happier!


We could not be happier with our Luca, How we were treated, the whole experience, etc. I HIGHLY recommend that you get your next Corgi from Treasured Paws Puppies! 😎

Corgi Dreams Come True


I had the pleasure of bringing our corgi Marvin home back in December of 2022. This is my second time purchasing a puppy from Melvin; the experience was seamless, Melvin was very responsive to my questions, and our pup is equal parts happy, healthy, and spunky! Marvin loves running around our family farm greeting guests & interacting with our chickens and cows. He loves tractor rides and long naps on the couch after relentlessly running his little legs. I couldn’t ask for a better companion. Thank you!!



I’ve been meaning to send you a few pictures of Birdie and let you know that she is doing fabulous. She fits right in and is loved by everyone she meets. She is quite spoiled too, especially by my mom who insists on seeing her nearly everyday! She is potty trained and knows how to sit and spin. We are working on more tricks, but she loves to play fetch and chase the cats around. She gets along well with all other dogs and is just such a friendly, sassy (very sassy), curious, and snuggly little lady. She loves getting dirty and sleeping in funny positions. She is always making us laugh! She has grown a lot! At her last vet appointment she weighed 17.4 pounds!  It’s hard to only choose a few photos but I hope you enjoy the ones I’ve chosen. We hope to possibly come visit again when we’re ready to get Birdie a sibling in a few years :). We just love her SO MUCH! Thank you so much for giving us the perfect puppy! 


We love our boy!


Melvin and his family were awesome. Thank you so much for helping us add our little fur baby to our family. Our puppy is happy and healthy. This little guy adds so much love to our home.

Thank you!


My daughter and I lost our dog of 12 years rather suddenly in July, and we were both devastated. Melvin and his family made my little girls biggest wish of a corgi puppy possible, and they are the best of friends. Our puppy Belle is the perfect addition to our family. We couldn't be happier with her, and I would recommend anyone who is looking for a Corgi puppy to look up Melvin. He was kind and understanding, and helped me pull off the biggest surprise of giving my daughter a puppy for Christmas.

Thank you!


We absolutely love our puppy. When we got our puppy he was already potty trained! We took him to the vet for a check up and our vet was very impressed with the quality of vaccines used. I would absolutely give the highest rating to this breeder. 

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